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Don't take my word for it


Louisa is a person who has a very good heart. She’s very welcominbg and kind, in short, she’s AMAZING. She has always given me nice words that has motivated me to continue thriving. She always makes sure that I am ok and remind me that I am doing a great job. Louisa’s origin name means warrio, and yes, I do agree with that. She is very strong, but still sensitive and genuine.



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I've had a coaching by Louisa, and it was very giving. I had become 2 assignments to do. I've had a hard time familywise and the same workwise. So I tried to approach that with a positive energy, and it was so rewarding. So I can only thank Louisa so much, and I know she'll say, she didn't do anything and that I did it all - perhaps, but you showed med the way. I'm now ready to go for my goal and work hard at that.