Hvordan får man et stærkt mindset – 7 tips til at træne din hjerne

Louisa Thostrup - Mindset coach and Business mentor in her car

Et stærkt mindset – hvad vil det sige? Mange taler om, at det er vigtigt at have et positivt mindset, men langt fra alle efterkommer det. Spørger du, vil svaret formentlig være ja til, at de oplever sig selv havende et positivt mindset, men mange gange er det reelt set “kun tomme ord”. Hvad er […]

Master your day with effective routines – why it benefits your health and productivity

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as an Entrepreneur

Building healthy habits – how to set you up for success Feeling discombobulated and overwhelmed? Establishing morning and evening routines – building healthy habits – can set each day up for success. Let’s explore the what, why, and how of routines, along with 14 practical routines to implement for more productive days. The daily routine […]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as an Entrepreneur

Louisa Thostrup

Understanding Imposter Syndrome Imposter syndrome is a common phenomenon experienced by many entrepreneurs. Despite their achievements and successes, individuals affected by imposter syndrome often struggle with persistent feelings of inadequacy and fear of being exposed as a fraud. This psychological pattern can be particularly challenging for self-employed individuals, as they navigate the pressures of running […]

How to get rid of the imposter

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We all know the Imposter and how it works…but not all know how to push through it and move forward.  In the corridors of success and achievement, a silent intruder often lurks, cast shadows of doubt and insecurity upon even the most accomplished individuals.  The intruder – know as the Imposter Syndrome – is a […]