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Inner work is essential!

Let me help you to create a life in balance, which will improve both your private life & your career.

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Mindset to succes

Are you owning your life or is it owned by others?

Perhaps you are afraid of taking back your leadership!

Through my 3-month Leadership program, you will get all the tools, tactics & strategies of how to change into a better and more authentic version of yourself!

Focus will for example be on:

Louisa Thostrup - Business Mentor and Mindset Coach

How it works

Book a strategy call

A free personal clarity call where we get to know each other. We will define your goals & you'll get a personal roadmap including potential solutions of how to reach your goals .

Initial statup meeting

We work even deeper with your goals & create your personal plan.
You will get access to the program with training.

Program starts

Through our program you'll get knowledge & tools to grow your personal leadership and thereby how you perform both private and in business.

Words from the clients


CEO at

I've had a coaching by Louisa, and it was very giving. I had become 2 assignments to do. I've had a hard time familywise and the same workwise. So I tried to approach that with a positive energy, and it was so rewarding. So I can only thank Louisa so much, and I know she'll say, she didn't do anything and that I did it all - perhaps, but you showed med the way. I'm now ready to go for my goal and work hard at that.

Louisa Thostrup under the clock

Performance to succes

Empower Your Performance with 'Performance to Success'

A 12-Month Certified Program

Do you have the confidence, stage presence, and a dynamic communication so that you deliver an impactful performance that resonates with your audience?

Unlock the art of impactful communication through our tailored 12-month certified program, ‘Performance to Success.’ This comprehensive education is designed to optimize your communication skills for various scenarios.

Discover the nuances of mastering body language, language patterns, and voice modulation to elevate your communication prowess. Engage in practical exercises and immersive workshops, enabling you to decode others while refining your personal performance.

Our seasoned mentors expertly navigate you toward authenticity and unwavering conviction in every situation. Whether addressing a crowd or guiding a team, you’ll gain profound insights into projecting your best self, driving engagement, and capturing attention.

Upon program completion, you’ll wield a toolkit of confidence, poised to step onto any stage with heightened self-assurance and an amplified communicative potential.

Words from the clients

I have had 2 intense weeks of education with Louisa. Louisa was one of a total of 3 instructors, and she contributed with some very special skills that I found highly relevant. To step beyond the edge of the stage and perform in front of an audience, Louisa gave me some very personal tools that helped me believe in myself.


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