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My career has equipped me with a unique set of skills, which I will use to help you achieve your goals

Throughout my career, I have been blessed with incredible opportunities to learn and grow as a person. My time within the police, nursing, and fire service has equipped me with a unique set of skills, which I am confident of will help me achieve my goals. From working under pressure to making decisive decisions in the face of adversity, I have learned the valuable lessons of perseverance, determination, and courage.

The challenges I’ve faced have only strengthened my resolve to succeed. I am filled with an unshakeable determination to push myself harder, grow stronger, and achieve greatness.

Today, I am more ready than ever to take on the world and make my mark. With passion and dedication, I know I have what it takes to make your goals a reality.

How I can help

Mindset to succes

A 3-month online program where you will receive tools & strategies that improve your inner self

Performance to succes

A 12-month Certified Education in which you will improve your skills to become a better performer.

I'm passionated about supporting you to highen your Performance.

When I started my journey, I was walking blindfolded until I took the uncomfortable decision of investing in myself. I invested in ressources that could bring me faster towards my goals with strategies & tactics of how to.
Now it's my turn to support others to create the life that they want.

Louisa Thostrup working

Words from my clients


Louisa is a person who has a very good heart. She’s very welcominbg and kind, in short, she’s AMAZING. She has always given me nice words that has motivated me to continue thriving. She always makes sure that I am ok and remind me that I am doing a great job. Louisa’s origin name means warrio, and yes, I do agree with that. She is very strong, but still sensitive and genuine.



CEO at abcolut.dk

I've had coaching with Louisa, and it was very giving. After the first session, I had two assignments to solve. I've had a hard time both familywise-and workwise, so I tried to approach that with a positive mindset, and it was so rewarding. I can only thank Louisa a lot, and I know she'll say, she didn't do anything and that I did it all - perhaps - but she showed med the way. I'm now ready to go after my goal and work hard at that.


What people might not know about me!

Louisa Thostrup - Mindset coach and Business mentor in her car

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